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Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy and confidentialityProtecting Personal Information

Educare understands the importance attached to privacy and confidentiality of personal information (such as name, address, date of birth, personal email address, etc.), and are committed to managing and protecting the information of students, clients and employees provided to Educare.

Educare’s Privacy Policy is designed to ensure and reassure students and clients that their details are secure and not being passed onto 3rd party entities without written permission. Therefore, engaging with our Registered Training Organisation (RTO), you will have the confidence that your information is only used legally, ethically and securely; ensuring Privacy and Confidentiality.

Collection, Use and Disclosure

Visitors to the Educare website and e-learning websites should be aware the sites do not collect information of a personal nature.

Information submitted digitally to Educare (i.e. electronic data, using an electronic form or application or by sending an email) is collected and used for the purposes it is designed for. For example, if you request information about a course, the RTO will use the information to process your inquiry.

Also, Educare may also use personal information to manage business relationships with our clients.

The RTO acknowledges individuals provide personal information on a voluntary basis, to assist Educare to provide high quality training and educational services to students as required.

Employees of Educare will use individual’s contact details to assist in the administering of training programs and/or educational services; thereby ensuring all interested persons are informed. In addition, Educare as an RTO may use information collected as above to provide or offer further services and products. Persons not wanting to receive such information may contact Educare Training Coordinator to request removal from any email list.

Educare shall not disclose personal Information to any external company or third party, without written permission of the student or client. All Personal information shall not be sold, and shall not be used for promotions independent of Educare. In accordance with governing bodies, personal information shall be destroyed, if there is no longer any legitimate reason for retaining personal information, and in line with state and federal government requirements.

Personal Information

The types of Personal information the Institute may collect includes: Name, Address, Telephone Number; Date of Birth; Place of birth; Language spoken at home; Email address; Photograph; Video images; Learner results; Educational qualifications.

For a complete copy of Educare’s Privacy Policy, please email us for more information.

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