Life at Educare

Educare College is located at CBD the heart of Brisbane, the capital city of the state of Queensland on the east coast of Australia.

Educare College’s spacious modern campus at Level 8, 288 Edward Street, Brisbane is easily accessible by public transport, with Brisbane’s Central train station only minutes’ walk away, and close to major amenities such as cafes and restaurants. Educare College’s campus is within walking distance of Brisbane’s central business and shopping district.

Accessible from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, the campus facilities offer students computer access, free WIFI and fully equipped classrooms and resource materials, as well as a student lounge with basic kitchen facilities.

Educare College differs from other College’s in several ways:

· Classes are generally small to address individual learning needs.

· Practical and theory classes are kept to limited students.

· You are not considered as number, but as an Individual with unique learning style and objectives

· We want you to enjoy yourself while you are learning at Educare College.

· With industry qualified and experienced Management, Technical Officers, Trainers and Staff.

Our College has supportive networks of people to make your time at College fulfilling, fun and professionally relevant. While in class, students are encouraged and expected to contribute to the discussion and educators meet with students. The close relationship between students and trainers serves to motivate students and fosters a personal approach to studying. Studying at Educare College will ensure you receive an exceptional level of service and a high-quality education.

Educare College’s Employment Support Service provides training, support and resources to ensure students have the confidence to seek employment themselves whilst they are studying or after completing a qualification at Educare College. Educare provides information and conducts workshops to help you find a job, write your resume, build job-searching skills, and perform well in interviews. Programs and workshops designed specifically for international students include:

· Resumes and Cover Letters

· Providing good references to potential employers

· Foundation Skills

· Career/PD Workshop – Developing employability skills and confidence during job interviews

The Orientation program has been designed to help you get the best start to your student experience at Educare College. Prior to your course commencement, International Officer will send you an email reminding you of the date and time of the Orientation Day. Your attendance is important to provide you with an understanding of what is expected of you as a student, this will also ensure you are fully equipped to excel in your chosen program. You will have the opportunity to speak to trainers and technical support staff to guide you along your enrolment and assist you in your studies.

Furthermore, valuable information such as your health insurance, personal wellbeing, safety, and public transport will also be covered during orientation. Orientation Day is also your opportunity to meet the Principal Executive Officer and the Key Officers from the College. At the same time, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the new surroundings and make some friends along the way.

Educare College aims to ensure that all students enjoy their time in Australia. However, sometimes problems occur in a students’ life that can’t be controlled. Educare College understands that these problems often feel worse when students are a long way from home and family. Educare College can provide information about counselling services if students need to speak to a Counsellor.

A Counsellor may be able to help with the following, or any other problems:

· Crises in your life (your own or your family’s);

· Difficulty in making a major decision;

· Feeling depressed;

· Feeling highly stressed;

· Alcohol/drug abuse, gambling or other addictive behaviour that is seriously affecting your health or social functioning, including your study;

· Eating disorders;

· Suicidal thoughts;

· Meeting conditions of student visa, such as attendance and academic progressions;

· Coping up with bullying

All students are provided with a range of learning support options and resources to help them achieve competency. This includes:

§ Mentoring from appropriately qualified trainers including provision of phone and email contact details;

§ Notification of tutorials and trainer availability sessions times if applicable;

§ Referral to external support services as necessary.

Educare College recognises that all people learn differently and acknowledges that some students may require additional support. Additional support will be provided for any students experiencing:

· disability and access issues;

· language barriers;

· language, literacy and numeracy issues;

· any other issues that may affect their ability to achieve their training goals.

Provision of additional support services will be provided where necessary to enable students to participate in the same way as any other person regardless of whether support services have been required.

Where there is perceived difficulty in achieving learning goals, the trainer will discuss these issues with you. You will be provided with information about possible alternative pathways, additional tools and resources available, and options and choices for accessing a support network. The information provided will vary depending on the individual needs of the student.

International students can seek legal advice in relation to immigration (visas), discrimination and many other matters. Legal advice and assistance can be obtained for free or at minimal cost. For further information please visit: 

Legal Aid Queensland can provide legal advice. Their number is 1300 651188 (cost of a local call from a fixed line).

ENGLISH COURSE (the information contained in this section is culled out from the website)

Is the English Language not your first language? No problem!

Educare offers a range of Vital English Courses. For an additional fee of $25.00 you can choose the General English placement test option together with your course. If purchased with the General English course, this test will automatically enrol you in the course at your level.

NB: Important disclaimer: (These courses are offered as professional development only and are not accredited English language courses)





BULATS is a system of tests and courses designed specifically for assessing language ability for the workplace. BULATS tests are used by many of the world’s leading professional and commercial organisations. BULATS is used by businesses in over 30 countries for recruitment, training, benchmarking and staff development.

IELTS is the world’s proven English test with over 1.5 million tests taken each year by candidates worldwide. IELTS is recognised by more than 6000 institutions in over 135 countries.

Call Educare College today to speak to one of our friendly administrators, on 1300 338 227.