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Educare College recognises the important role of Education Agents in making Australia the first choice of study destination for International Students.  The International Officer of Educare College may approach onshore and offshore Agents directly and invite them to become an Education Agent for the College. Otherwise, prospective Agents must apply to become an authorised Education Agent to represent and recruit students on behalf of the College.


Application Process

Agent Application Form – (insert the hyperlink)

The Agent Application Form and supporting documentation may either be emailed to:

or posted to:

        The Manager, International Services

Educare College

Level 8, 288 Edward Street

Brisbane, Qld 4000

GPO Box 1375, Brisbane, Qld 4001

Each application takes approximately four weeks to assess and process.  The Manager, International Services will make recommendation to Principal Executive Officer the agents who are meeting the selection criteria and the ESOS National Code Standard 4.   The decision of the Principal Executive Officer (PEO) is final and can’t be contested by agents.


Education Agent Agreements

In the event of the application being successful, an Education Agent Agreement shall be prepared in duplicate for execution/ implementation. I n the event of the application being rejected, notification will be forwarded, and the decision recorded on file.


Upon Execution of the Agreement

Education Agent Agreement – (insert the hyperlink)

The Agent’s details and a copy of the signed agreement will be entered into Educare College database for Education Agents.

The Agent’s details will be recorded on Educare Website –  Our Agents portal (Search Authorised Agents by Country)


Certificate of Appointment

Once the agreement has been executed, the Education Agent will be awarded a Certificate of Appointment as a duly appointed and authorised representative of the Educare College for the purpose of recruiting international students.

All certificates will be signed by the Principal Executive Officer and provide the following details:

  • The Agent’s business name and country
  • The period of appointment
  • CRICOS Provider Code for the Educare College
  • Authorisation to represent and recruit students on behalf of Educare College

All Agents will receive an electronic copy of Educare College’s Marketing Materials. The purpose of this is to keep Agents, scholarship bodies and others briefed on course changes, news at Educare, intending country visits by Educare International staff and College academics, changes to visa requirements, application processing requirements, enrolment dates etc.

Regular contact will be maintained by Educare International Officer with agents to ensure that they are kept up to date with all relevant information in relation to the provision of services.

All Agents are encouraged to contact the International Officer, Educare College regarding the status of student applications.

As part of keeping Agents up-to-date, Educare International Officer encourages and supports visits to Educare College as much as possible. Such visits will include campus tour, product knowledge briefings by International/marketing experts, briefings of Educare College International procedures including Admissions, meetings with students, briefings on legislative and visa changes, services provided to international students etc.


Monitoring the Performance of Agents

A review of the Agent’s performance to be undertaken at least annually at the discretion of Educare College including submission of a twice-yearly record of inquiries and outcomes.  The review will include the following:

  • Agent Performance- quality of applications and conversion rates
  • Conformity with contractual requirements
  • Quality of counselling and other information provided to students
  • An evaluation of activity undertaken by Educare College with the Agent
  • The Manager, International Services will forward a brief report to the Agent with appropriate comments and actions.

As part of the monitoring of the Agent’s activities and to assist them to effectively carry out the performance of their services, Educare College will endeavor to visit the Agents to:

  • Undertake product briefings, including course requirements for entry etc.
  • Inspect the premises to ensure that an appropriate image is presented
  • Meet with counsellors to assess their performance in advising students
  • Review the display of Educare College promotional materials
  • Assess the Agent’s knowledge of and conformance with the “National Code” and other legislative requirements relating to the provision of their services
  • Recommend attending Online training for Education Agents
  • Conduct mentoring sessions, teleconferencing or Skype meeting

 This policy outlines the requirements of Education Agents acting on behalf of Educare College.  Education Agents must provide high standards of service and information to overseas students.  The College takes all reasonable measures to use Agents with appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Australian International Education industry who will act with honesty and integrity.  The policy and procedure contained in this document is compliant with the provision of ESOS Act 2000 and the National Code of 2017.


As per the requirements of the ESOS Act 2000, the Agent must not engage in dishonest practices, including:

  • Recruiting or attempting to recruit a student currently studying with another Australian education provider;
  • Suggesting that a student come to Australia on a student visa for any reason other than for full time study;
  • Facilitate the enrolment of students who the Agent believes will not comply with the conditions of their student visa;
  • Use PRISMS to create a CoE for other than bona fide students, or
  • Provide prospective students with immigration advice unless the agent is a separately registered migration agent (Migration Act 1958).


In addition, the Agent will not:

  • Engage in false or misleading advertising or recruitment practices including misleading comparisons with any other education provider or their courses or inaccurate claims regarding any association between Educare College and any other education provider;
  • Facilitate applications by students who do not meet the visa criteria or make any guarantees about the likelihood of obtaining a student visa;
  • Give false or misleading information relating to course fees payable or acceptance into a course;
  • Receive or bank course fees payable to Educare College by a prospective student or deduct any fees from the amount payable by the student to Educare College;
  • Commit Educare College to accepting any prospective student into a course;
  • Use or access PRISMS without the prior written consent of Educare College;
  • Recruit or attempt to recruit a prospective student who the agent knows to have engaged the services of another representative of Educare College;
  • Sign or encourage others to sign official documents, such as the application form, on behalf of the prospective student;
  • Submit an application to Educare College on behalf of a student if the Agent is aware the prospective student has applied to other education providers;
  • Submit an application to Educare College on behalf of a student the Agent is aware has been rejected by an education provider for a similar course;
  • Deduct the commission from the paid tuition fees of the student. Educare College will pay the corresponding commission due to the Agent as per agreed schedule.


Agent Selection Procedures

Agents are engaged to represent Educare College and recruit students for the College.  A person or organisation wishing to apply to be an approved agent of Educare College shall contact the Manager, International Services who will issue an Education Agent Agreement application from and thereafter check references.  The applicant’s suitability is assessed on the basis of National Code, Standard 4 – Education Agents.

  • Due care shall be exercised in the appointment of all agents and they must have a written agreement with Educare College;
  • Educare College will require all agents to adhere to the requirements of the National Code 2017 and other legislation in so far as related to the provision of services by agents;
  • Educare College will appoint Education Agent for a term of two years;
  • Educare College will take all reasonable measures to use agents that have an appropriate knowledge of the Educare and Australian International education and training;
  • Educare College will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all advertising undertaken by Education Agents is approved prior to placement and is in accordance with legislative and Educare College requirements;
  • Educare College will publicise through its website an up to date list of all appointed agents by country.


Responsibilities of Educare College:

Educare College will:

  • Provide the Agent with sufficient information to enable the Agent to undertake its services, including information regarding the requirements of the ESOS Act 2000;
  • Provide the agent with up-to-date and accurate marketing materials;
  • Assess completed applications from prospective students within a reasonable time of receipt;
  • Pay any fees within the agreed timeframe.

Note: Educare College is not required to automatically and without review, accept any prospective student referred by the Agent.




The Agent must keep confidential:

  • All information provided by Educare College other than that which is needed to perform the Services in accordance with this agreement;
  • The terms of this Agreement in accordance with Privacy Act 1988.


Agent Privacy Declaration

  • The Agent agreed for Educare College to share their personal details with other providers through PRISMS as per required by the Department and the Australian Privacy Principles.


Agent’s Fees

Subject to the provisions of this clause, Educare College will pay the Agent’s fee for each student who:

  • Is recruited by the Agent and is enrolled in a course;
  • Has paid the course fee to Educare College;

For the purposes of this Agreement, the Agent is regarded as having recruited the student under this agreement if the Agent submits the student’s application for enrolment and that application also bears the agent’s name;

  • An Agent’s fee is not paid where a prospective student applies directly to Educare College;
  • No Agent’s fee is payable unless the Agent has submitted an invoice in a form approved by the Principal Executive Officer;
  • Invoices will be processed after the student commences the enrolled course at Educare College;
  • Educare College will pay the fees payable under this clause within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice from the Agent;
  • An Agent is not eligible for commission payment if the student withdraws, cancels or does not commence the course;
  • Refund amounts will be paid into student bank accounts only not to Agent’s bank account;
  • Commission payment must be claimed within each financial year and Educare College is not obliged to pay any late commission payment.



Assignment and Sub-contracting

  • The Agent must not assign this Agreement or any right under this Agreement without the prior consent of Educare College.
  • Apart from sub-contractors listed in this Agreement, the Agent must not sub contract to any person      the performance of any of its obligations under this Agreement without the prior consent of Educare College.
  • Despite any sub-contract, the Agent remains liable for performing its obligations under this Agreement.


Monitoring of Agent’s activities

The Agent must participate in a range of activities to review the performance of the Agent. These activities may include but are not limited to:

  • A review of the Agent’s performance to be undertaken at least annually at the discretion of Educare College including submission of a twice-yearly record of inquiries and outcomes as set out in Schedule 2; Marketing Agreement.
  • Spot checks to be undertaken by representatives of Educare College both at the agent’s premises and at promotional events;
  • Collection and review of data about agents from student or parents (due diligence enrolment checklist)
  • Telephone / teleconferencing meetings
  • Checking of Education Agent’s website
  • Using the data (Agent’s performance) available at PRISMS


Corrective and Preventive Action

If at any point during the term of this Agreement, Educare College believes or reasonably suspects that the Agent is negligent, careless or incompetent or is engaged in false misleading or unethical advertising or recruitment practices, the Agreement may be terminated under the terms set out below (‘Terminating this agreement’).

Alternatively, Educare College may decide at its discretion to engage in corrective action with the Agent. These activities may include but are not limited to:

  • On-shore training for the Agent.
  • Requiring the Agent to complete the AEI on-line Agent Training Course.



Procedure for Corrective Action

  • Problem identified
  • Problem reported to PEO
  • Direct contact made with agent to advise of possible breach and seek their response to the allegations
  • Review of complaints by the PEO following input from the agent and complainant. Three scenarios from outcome of review:

a). Agent cleared – PEO writes to agent advising result and thanking them for their valuable input, investigation notes recorded in agent’s files.

b). Minor breach – Agent reprimanded, advised that any further breach will result in termination of their agreement, reminded of their obligations, breach and investigation notes recorded in agent’s file.

c). Major breach – Agent advised in writing that their contract will be terminated, Australian Post (either High Commission or Consulate) advised of the breach, outcome and investigation notes recorded in agent’s files.


Termination of Education Agent Agreement

Either party may terminate the Education Agent Agreement at any time by giving the other party 28 days’ notice in writing. If the Agent breaches any part of this Agreement, Educare College may terminate the Agreement at any time and with immediate effect by giving written notice to the agent. If the Agent breaches any part of the agreement, Educare College will immediately terminate the Agreement with immediate effect by giving written notice to the agent except where the breach was on the part of an individual employee or sub-contractor of the Agent and the Agent has terminated that relationship. The termination of the agreement by either party does not affect any accrued rights or remedies of either party.


Dispute Resolution/Mediation:

In the event of any grievance or disputed decision the Agent can access Educare College’s Complaints and Appeals Policy.

Dear Education Agent,

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Education Agent with Educare College.  Educare College is an Australian owned and operated nationally Registered Training Organisation providing superior training programs Australia wide, delivered by industry experienced trainers.

At Educare we are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to delivering quality training and assessment services, preparing our students to achieve their personal and professional goals through the pursuit of a career within the Community Services Sector, specialising in Aged Care, Disability Care, Child Care and other Community Services courses.  For more information, please visit:

We value your contribution in making Australia the first choice for study destination for International Students.  Educare College adheres to all accreditation processes as part of government regulations and we request that you follow the procedures below and provide the relevant information as required:
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Application Instructions:

  • Complete and return the education agent application form to:

Educare College

GPO Box 1375

Brisbane, Qld 4001

or by email:


  • Only complete applications will be accepted and must include all required documentation – please refer to the checklist below.

You can download the Education Agent Agreement form by clicking on the download button below.