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Continuous Improvement Program

Continuous Improvement and striving for excellence

Educare Training Institute Australasia is dedicated to Continuous Improvement and is an essential part of our management and customer service systems.  With the aim of ensuring compliance, preventing issues and identifying solutions to continually improve the standard of delivery of training, student/customer experience and the organisational structures to support the delivery of training and assessment.

Educare operates with the notion of striving for excellence within the day-to-day and long term operations of the business. In order to provide a seamless integrated service to clients and staff, sustained improvement in the quality of Educare’s operations is viewed as paramount. For more information, email us

Educare’s Continuous Improvement Policy involves seeking feedback from staff, students and clients about our service delivery standards, and liaising with industry stakeholders to confirm course relevance and currency of applicable knowledge and skills.

Continuous improvementEducare’s continuous improvement program focuses on many facets of the businesses including:

  • Organisational planning, policies, systems, capital infrastructure and financial management
  • Interaction with industry, the VET Sector and other RTOs
  • Student and Client engagement
  • Training and Assessment services
  • Teaching and Learning materials
  • Assessment processes, tasks and tools
  • Facilities and resources
  • Staff performance and professional development

To ensure Educare can implement a quality continuous improvement program, management and employees feedback plays an integral role in organisational self-assessment and performance evaluation. Employees, Trainers and Contractors are expected to provide their own feedback to the organisation on a regular basis; their experiences can provide valuable input to the outcomes and performance of Educare Training Institute Australasia.

Lastly, it is vital that clients and students are able to pass on their feedback; in writing to administration or management team.

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